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See Clinton's biting response to Trump's new conspiracy  CNN

Hillary Clinton slammed President Trump's false claim that Google manipulated millions of votes for Clinton in the 2016 election.

Trump praises N.H. lawmaker who called for shooting Hillary Clinton  POLITICO

President Donald Trump on Thursday praised a New Hampshire Republican who previously called for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be shot by ...

I Played Trump in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Debate Prep. Here’s What It Takes to Beat Him.  POLITICO

Before any of them takes the debate stage on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 2020 Democratic candidates will already have put in dozens of hours each ...

A Trump official just posted on Instagram that Jeffrey Epstein was "Hillary'd"  Mother Jones

Jeffrey Epstein, the multimillionaire accused of sex trafficking, was found dead in his New York jail cell Saturday morning in an apparent suicide. Details of his ...

CNN reporter debunks Trump's Google claim  CNN

CNN reporter Daniel Dale debunks President Trump's claim that Google manipulated millions of votes for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

In A World Where Hillary’s In Charge, Does Hate Still Trump Governance?  Forbes

Let's assume that, in a Clinton 45 Administration, Twitter's not a source of presidential venting. And perhaps Chelsea Clinton doesn't play an active role in the ...

Trump Defends Sharing Unhinged Theory That the Clintons Killed Epstein  Vanity Fair

On Tuesday, Donald Trump ducked responsibility for retweeting a comedian's theory that Bill and Hillary Clinton are secretly behind the apparent suicide of ...

Mariah Carey Appears To Troll Donald Trump With 'President’ Hillary Clinton Caption  HuffPost

The singer's Twitter fans couldn't get enough of the apparent diss.

Bannon: Democrats May Need To Recruit Mike Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, Or Hillary Clinton To Beat Trump In 2020  RealClearPolitics

Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon told FNC's Maria Bartiromo in an interview on "Sunday Morning Futures" that he doesn't think any of the ...

President Donald Trump is visiting Louisville. Here's what you need to know  Courier Journal

President Donald Trump is coming amid Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's closely watched reelection battle against Attorney General Andy Beshear.

Hillary Ruins the Plan  National Review

Here's the real collusion scheme: In 2016, the incumbent Democratic administration of President Barack Obama put the awesome powers of the United States ...

Liberal Hollywood stars Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon's feud festers  Fox News

Liberal actors Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon continued their longstanding feud on Monday when "Will & Grace" actress attacked the “Thelma & Louise” ...

Trump Says Jews Who Vote for Democrats Show Ignorance, Disloyalty  The Wall Street Journal

President Trump questioned how Jewish Americans could vote for Democratic candidates, as he stepped up criticism of a pair of Democratic congresswomen ...

Democrats are traumatized. That's why they hate Susan Sarandon  The Independent

Yesterday in Iowa, at an ice cream social, Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon introduced Senator Bernie Sanders to a crowd on the presidential campaign ...

Which Democrat can beat Trump? | TheHill  The Hill

The candidates face different odds against each other than in the battle against the president.

New Ivanka Trump Podcast Calls Her a 'Young, Never Having a Bad Hair Day Hillary' Clinton  Newsweek

A new podcast that has dedicated its first season to first daughter and senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump describes her as a more manicured version of ...

This Is The Most Important Result Of Donald Trump's Election  Townhall

All Americans should take some comfort from the revelations of the scheme by top officials across the Obama administration to subvert the 2016 election. It has a ...

Can the Democrats unseat Trump? | TheHill  The Hill

Today, the candidate with the best chance to beat Donald Trump is… well… Donald Trump.

Donald Trump retweets ‘#ClintonBodyCount’ conspiracy that outrageously claims Bill and Hillary murdered Jef  The Sun

DONALD Trump has retweeted a bizarre conspiracy theory that the Clintons were involved in the death of paedo billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The convicted child ...

Joe Biden is running as the anti-Trump candidate, that failed in 2016  Business Insider

Joe Biden is selling himself as the anti-Trump candidate. But Hillary Clinton had a similar strategy in 2016 that failed.

Trump ducks LGBTQ discrimination question, says gays 'like the job I'm doing'  NBC News

President Donald Trump dodged a question about LGBTQ workplace discrimination, instead claiming gays are among his “biggest supporters.”

Jeffrey Toobin Reveals Real Takeaway Of Donald Trump’s Latest 'Wackadoodle' Claim  HuffPost

CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin has broken down what he thinks is the real message from President Donald Trump's spreading of a new unfounded ...

Kirsten Gillibrand says she is 'still angry' about her uncles voting for Trump  Fox News

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., said on Monday that she was "still angry" about her uncles voting for Trump but touted the relationship as evidence that she ...

May the (Space) Force be with us  USA TODAY

The curious timing of Jeffrey Epstein's will and the launch of U.S. Space Command: Tuesday's news.

Trump fuels prediction that Russia investigators will face prison  POLITICO

To hear President Donald Trump and his allies tell it, the federal investigators who spent the past two years investigating the president are about to go down.

The expansive, repetitive universe of Trump’s Twitter insults  The Washington Post

One of the defining aspects of President Trump's tenure in office is his willingness — his eagerness, really — to grab his phone and tweet something insulting ...

Ahead of hearing, Trump aims fury at an unlikely target: Mueller aide Aaron Zebley  The Washington Post

On the eve of former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's long-awaited congressional testimony, President Trump vented his fury on Twitter — but not at ...

Google Go is now available on the Play Store for everyone  Android Central

After being available in select countries since 2017, Google Go is now getting a global expansion with wide availability on the Play Store.

5 things to know for August 20: China, Trump, Planned Parenthood, Eric Garner  CNN

(CNN) A new study confirms what most parents already know: Having kids makes you happier -- once they move out. Here's what else you need to know to Get ...

Trump vows to continue China trade war even if recession hits US, as he says Russia should be readmitted to G7  The Independent

Donald Trump has said he will continue with his trade war with China even if it means the United States falling into recession. The president stressed that he ...

Trump Rips Dems After Debate While He Hilariously Trolls Hillary  The Daily Wire

On Thursday night after the Democratic presidential debate, President Trump issued two tweets that not only slammed the prospective candidates for president ...

Gamers Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Trump Love!  LA Progressive

Gamergate -- Joseph Palermo: The viciousness of the death and rape threats we saw aimed at Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was perfected during “Gamergate.”

Trump's 'Indefensible' Comments Just Made It 'Much Much Harder' for GOP to Win in 2020: Ex-RNC Chair  The New Civil Rights Movement

President Donald Trump's latest anti-Semitic trope is going to make it “much much harder” for Republicans to hold control of the White House in 2020, the former ...

Trump Suggests Issuing Subpoenas For Obama, Hillary Clinton Records  The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump floated the idea of issuing subpoenas for records related to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on Friday.

Trump Kicks Off His 2020 Campaign ... Against Hillary Clinton  The Daily Beast

The gang was all in Orlando for the president's re-election kickoff, and his old 2016 foe was foremost on his mind. Whether that is a winning formula for 2020 ...

Hillary Clinton claps back at Trump over attack on freshman Dems  New York Post

Hillary Clinton on Sunday night criticized President Trump for suggesting that freshman Democrats “go back” to the countries they're from — saying it's his ...

‘I can handle it’: Clinton laughs off repeated mentions in Trump speech  Politico

Hillary Clinton is taking in stride the number of times she was attacked by President Donald Trump in his speech launching his reelection campaign.

Hillary Clinton attacks Trump over tweet aimed at progressive congresswomen  Fox News

Hillary Clinton on Sunday took President Trump to task over a criticized tweet where he called on progressive congresswomen to go back to where they came ...

Hillary Clinton asks Trump why he's so 'obsessed' with her after announcing no 2020 bid  USA TODAY

The rivalry between President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was on full display once again after Trump took to Twitter to comment.

Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump, Barr and Parts of Mueller Report  The New York Times

Hillary Clinton sharply criticized Attorney General William P. Barr, President Trump, members of the Republican Party and some findings of the Mueller report on ...

Hillary Clinton isn't running for president, but Trump is still running against her  Business Insider

President Trump has a large pick of potential 2020 Democratic opponents to choose from, but keeps going back to Hillary Clinton as enemy number one.

Hillary Clinton blasts Trump, says president is ‘running scared,’ claims Pelosi video is ‘sexist trash’  Fox News

Hillary Clinton hasn't announced a 2020 run for the White House but remarks she delivered in Houston may have sounded like a campaign speech to some ...

Republicans Defend Trump’s Election Interference Comments by … Blaming Hillary Clinton  Rolling Stone

On Wednesday night, ABC released a clip of President Trump telling George Stephanopolous that he doesn't feel he needs to contact the FBI if a foreign ...

Fact-checking Trump's tweet about Hillary Clinton email review  CNN

President Donald Trump returned to one of his favorite foils early Tuesday morning, tweeting out a report of the latest twist in the Hillary Clinton email saga.

Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of 'destroying the lives' of his campaign staffers | TheHill  The Hill

President Trump argued Thursday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "destroyed the lives" of his campaign staffers, appearing to refer to the ...

Hillary Clinton: 'I'm living rent free inside of Donald Trump's brain'  NBC News

Hillary Clinton said Thursday night that President Donald Trump keeps attacking her to distract from his own problems and to fire up his Republican base of ...

Hillary Clinton: Trump administration tearing down 'hard-won civil rights'  CNN

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said President Donald Trump's administration is tearing down "hard-won civil rights."

The Clintons Are Nervous About 2020  The Atlantic

At a gathering in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, Bill Clinton said it is time to fight a battle with “our oldest demons.”

Trump: I hope Barr will 'do what's fair' with regards to investigating Hillary Clinton  POLITICO

President Donald Trump said in an interview that aired Friday he hopes Attorney General William Barr will “do what's fair” with regards to opening investigations ...

Listen Now: Herald Radio special, live report on Trump N.H. rally  Boston Herald

Herald Radio's Hillary Chabot & Joe Battenfeld report live from Manchester, N.H. to bring you a President Trump rally special report. Listen live on the Boston ...

Mueller Report Reveals Trump’s Fixation on Targeting Hillary Clinton  The New York Times

The president repeatedly sought to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions reopen the investigation into Mrs. Clinton's use of a private email server.

Hillary Clinton slams Trump rally: 'The time has come again' to fight for democracy | TheHill  The Hill

Hillary Clinton slammed President Trump after he struck out at four progressive congresswomen of color during a rally Wednesday night.

Pete Buttigieg just nailed what Hillary Clinton did wrong in 2016  CNN

Pete Buttigieg is on a roll of late. And that extends to his spot-on analysis of why Democrats -- and Hillary Clinton in particular -- lost the 2016 election to ...

Hillary Clinton Had 'Disregard for Truth' in 2008: Book  Newsweek

Hillary Clinton claimed an "instrumental" part in the Northern Ireland peace process, but a new book by Trina Vargo alleges she exaggerated and later used her ...

Trump launches 2020 campaign with dig at 2016 rival Hillary Clinton  Axios

President Trump brought his 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton back into his 2020 re-election campaign during his speech on Tuesday, prompting "lock her ...

Juanita Broaddrick Joins Conservatives in Roasting Clinton for Reminding Trump He’s ‘Not Above the Law’  Independent Journal Review

Some users on Twitter were not impressed by a tweet posted by 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) saying ...

Howard Stern Says He Helped Donald Trump Win in 2016 but Wishes He Could Have Made Hillary Clinton President  Newsweek

"I wanted to see Hillary Clinton win," Stern said. "If she had come on the show — the way I helped Donald was I let him come on and be a personality."

Fact Check: No, Trump Did Not Win 'EVERY Debate' in 2016 Against Hillary Clinton, According to the Polls  Newsweek

President Donald Trump falsely claimed in a Tuesday morning tweet that "according to the polls," he "won EVERY debate" during the 2016 election against ...

Seth Meyers Ridicules Donald Trump Over Continued Obsession With Hillary Clinton  HuffPost

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Tuesday mocked President Donald Trump's continued fixation with Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival in the 2016 election.

Trump highlights polls that showed Clinton beating him by double digits | TheHill  The Hill

President Trump mocked news reports of his campaign's internal polling on Friday with a tweet highlighting n.

Hillary Clinton Bashes Donald Trump's Fourth Of July Military Extravaganza  HuffPost

Hillary Clinton is speaking out against President Donald Trump's flashy display of military might for the Fourth of July, adding her voice to widespread criticisms ...

Donald Trump's Hillary Clinton-Obsessed 2020 'Launch' Proves 2016 Never Ended  Esquire

By one count, he mentioned her seven times in 30 minutes.

Trump: Russia would've preferred Hillary Clinton as president  POLITICO

If they had anything on me, it would have come out a long time ago,” Trump said of Russia during his first post-Mueller interview.

Hillary Clinton's Russia collusion IOU: The answers she owes America | TheHill  The Hill

The Clinton machine flooded the FBI with pressure — and bad intel — until an investigation of Trump was started.

Hillary Clinton was 'ecstatic' when Trump fired Comey: book  New York Post

Hillary Clinton was privately "ecstatic" when President Trump dumped James Comey and considered going public to applaud the move to rub the former FBI ...

Mueller Report Showed Donald Trump Was Fixated on Finding Hillary Clinton's Emails  TIME

Of all Donald Trump's favorite talking points on the 2016 campaign trail, there were few he revisited as frequently as his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's emails.

Fake Hillary Clinton Prison Dollar Bill Signed by Trump Hits Auction Block  TMZ

How's this for timing -- the mocked-up dollar bill showing Hillary Clinton behind bars and signed by President Trump has been put up for auction ... just moments ...

Clinton tweets 'Mean Girls' image after Trump mocks her 2020 decision | TheHill  The Hill

Hillary Clinton fired back on Tuesday after President Trump mocked her decision not to run for president again in 2020.

Hillary Clinton Hits Back At Donald Trump With List Of 'Real National Emergencies'  HuffPost

Hillary Clinton has joined the chorus of disapproval surrounding President Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency to fund his promised ...

Hillary Clinton slams Trump administration after Iran exceeds enrichment limits | TheHill  The Hill

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed the Trump administration in a series of tweets Tuesday over Iran's enrichment of uranium.

Did Trump Really Just Admit Russia Helped Him Defeat Hillary Clinton?  Rolling Stone

President Trump didn't have a lot to say following Robert's Mueller's big statement on Wednesday. Though the now-former special counsel explained that his ...

Hillary Clinton Talked to the FBI, but Trump Refused  Washington Monthly

On Saturday, July 2, 2016, Hillary Clinton walked into FBI headquarters and submitted to a three and a half hour interview about her handling of emails and ...

Trump needles Jerry Nadler on probes into Clinton's missing emails  New York Post

President Trump renewed his attacks on House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler on Friday in a tweet that suggested that Hillary Clinton's missing emails were still ...

The Trump administration is considering a tax cut for millions of workers to boost the economy and stave off f  Business Insider India

Several Trump administration officials are weighing whether to propose a temporary payroll tax cut to inject more consumer cash into a weakening economy, ...

Before you run against Trump, you have to run against Hillary (if you’re a woman)  The Washington Post

Just hours after Elizabeth Warren announced her plans to run for president, a question began surfacing about a possible weakness. It wasn't derived from ...

GOP uses Trump comment mirroring Hillary slogan, pokes fun at 2016 election defeat  Fox News

Speaking about his love for Texas, Trump told his supporters: "It's been a great romance.“And we're only getting stronger together." The GOP -- as it often does ...

What Clinton Did Was Politics. What Trump's Doing Is Treason.  The Daily Beast

Republicans comparing working with a former British intelligence officer to working with an agent of the Kremlin are inviting more Russian interference in our ...

Trump Previews His Mueller Report Rebuttal: Hillary Did It  Vanity Fair

On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr is expected to release a redacted version of Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, ...

Here's why Hillary Clinton 4.0 is a terrible idea  CNN

On Sunday, two former advisers to Hillary Clinton made a bold claim in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Here it is:

Trump Campaign’s Hilarious 404 Page Features Hillary Clinton as POTUS: ‘Oops! This is Awkward’  Independent Journal Review

President Trump's 2020 campaign 404 page poked fun at Hillary Clinton, putting a picture up of the former candidate saying "this is awkward."

Echoes of Clinton Emails in the Mueller Report's End  The Atlantic

Half of the electorate is likely to reject Attorney General William Barr's decision on obstruction.

Ann Coulter Says Border Crisis Is Worse Under Trump Than It Would Be Under Hillary Clinton, Obama  Newsweek

When it comes to the border, conservative pundit Ann Coulter said, a Democrat would know "he couldn't just tweet something out and have everybody say 'Yay.

'Like I said: A puppet,' Hillary Clinton tweets after recent reports about Trump, Russia  USA TODAY

President Donald Trump's vanquished 2016 Democratic opponent appears to be relishing his recent difficulties with news reports about his relationship with ...

Trump campaign attempted to obtain Hillary Clinton’s private emails  The Washington Post

President Trump pushed for obtaining Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's private emails, and his campaign was in touch with allies who were pursuing them, ...

Hillary’s Hot Advice  Wall Street Journal

They're repeating her acknowledged biggest mistake with radical climate proposals.

Joe Biden Wants To Make Donald Trump Deplorable Again  BuzzFeed News

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Joe Biden is running for president with a strategy that failed Hillary Clinton in 2016: taking on Donald Trump as a morally unfit president who ...

Hillary Clinton says Vladimir Putin is 'playing' Trump  Washington Examiner

LAS VEGAS — Hillary Clinton on Sunday offered a bleak assessment of President Trump's relations with Vladimir Putin, saying the American leader is getting ...

Trump mimics Hillary Clinton lamenting 2016 loss: 'Ahhh, I think they stole the election'  Washington Examiner

President Trump on Wednesday mocked Hillary Clinton for saying the 2016 election was "stolen" from her, rather than acknowledge her failure to campaign in ...

6 similarities between Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton's email excuses  CNN

The incredible thing is not so much that Ivanka Trump used a personal email address for public business; it's that she did it after her father and boss, President ...

Hillary Clinton tells Trump he's 'right' about congresswomen's government being 'a complete and total catastrophe'  Washington Examiner

Hillary Clinton used President Trump's diss toward a group of Democratic minority congresswomen against him, saying that he must be talking about himself ...

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton haven't paid back Wisconsin taxpayers $75K for 2016 events  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MADISON - President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not paid back Wisconsin taxpayers at least $75,000 in police and public ...

Trump Claims Hillary Clinton Was a Stronger Candidate Than Joe Biden: ‘She Was Not Sleepy’  Independent Journal Review

President Donald Trump claimed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a stronger presidential competitor than former Vice President Joe Biden.

Finley: Trump has the Hillary problem  The Detroit News

"While Clinton failed to woo her own party, Trump's problem is with independents"

Trump wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey – report  The Guardian

White House counsel Don McGahn wrote a memo to dissuade Trump, noting that potential consequences could include impeachment.

Why Hillary Clinton’s comments were even more painful than Trump’s  The Washington Post

Between the man who is president and the woman who ran against him, there is, for me, no contest; Hillary Clinton would have been a far better president than ...

FACT CHECK: Is The Ex-SEAL Commander Attacked By Trump A 'Hillary Clinton Fan'?  NPR

President Trump dismissed criticism from retired Adm. William McRaven, calling the former special operations commander a "Hillary Clinton backer." He's not.

Deroy Murdock: Mueller report quashes left's top excuse for Hillary's 2016 loss – Trump won fair and square  Fox News

Democrats cannot blame Trump or “far-right, racist Republicans” for the Russia hoax's final fizzle.

Trump illegally asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He shouldn't get away with it.  USA TODAY

Trump's public request for Russian help in finding Hillary Clinton's emails was a violation of US law. There are ways to hold him accountable.

Trump Is Going on the Offensive to Take Down His Political Enemies  Rolling Stone

In a properly functioning United States, the Justice Department operates independently of the White House. This hasn't been the case since President Trump ...